Head Demagnitizer - a session mead

A very nice session mead.  Dry hopped with cinnamon bark and orange zest.

I was originally going to call it "grandpa's love potion"....seemed like a nice name...so I went to start the label.

I thought I'd find myself a nice not-quite-naked grandpa centerfold picture and use it as the backdrop for the label.  Kind of like that old Burt Reynolds centerfold (for those of you old enough or pop culturally aware enough to remember that)...so a nice gray haired, pot bellied Grandpa....towel carefully draped over any offense parts...

Seemed like a gag kind of label for a nice summer session mead...something at the lake...hot summer day, cold sparkling mead, laughing and fishing...that kind of thing.

So I put "naked grandpa" into google's image search.

Don't do that.

If there's one takeaway here, it's that you never, ever, ever want to put 'naked grandpa' into a safe-search-off image search.

Before the images could even finish loading on the first screen, the only thing I could think of was that i could never un-see some of these things...I needed a head demagnitizer for what's between my ears.

So there you have it.  A nice mead, I would make the mead again any time...but I will never, ever, ever go searching for images of naked grandpas.

Burning Mead

A nice session mead. 

Really, really bare bones recipe, honey, water, energizer, yeast (D47)....but then dry hopped with two LARGE roasted jalapenos.

All the heat is in the back of your throat, the roasted jalapeno taste is very subdued.

But there's enough heat that you want to take another sip, right quick.  Not burning hot...just a nice smooth back-of-the-throat heat.

Just enough priming sugar to make it sparkling, no aging required.

I would do this again.