Let the brewing season begin!

Now filled with sweet mead....might be a tinch too sweet but I was anxious to try a barrel aged mead before putting sours in the barrel, under the assumption that, once it's done a sour, it's pretty much dedicated to sours.

Anyway, very cool barrel the kids got me for my birthday.  First "brew" of the season, although you can see a couple carboys (dandelion wine and watermelon wine) behind it.

(note...judging from initial taste tests, there's a very good reason that you don't see watermelon wine in your local pickup....although the same can't be said for dandelion wine...it's pretty nice.)

15# honey.
H20 to 5g total
pinch of yeast nutrient

og 1.088
fg 1.010
(or, maybe not fg...but gravity into the barrel, anyway)

pretty simple.