my first saison...

This was THREE MONTHS in the primary!!

But now I know where that apricot flavor in Magic Hat 9 comes from

  • 5# Rye Malt
  • 5# Red Wheat
  • 5# Golden Promise
  • 0.5 oz Simcoe, first wort
  • Wyeast 3724

  • OG 1.067 
  • FG  1.010
  • 7.6% ABV

Started in June, finished in November... I kept reading that this yeast would stall but to just be patient...

It never actually stalled...just slowed incredibly to where it was dropping 1 gravity point a week or so.

First month or so of fermentation was between 80 and 82 F

But it's really nice.  Has that full apricot nose and flavor that you get from Magic Hat...

When I do it again, I might change out the rye...that's the one oddity...rye...apricot...hmmm.

On the other hand, you can taste each of the flavors distinctly...apricot and rye...


BrewDay - 2013 - get started!

23 Feb 2013 -> next BrewDay.

This years game -> Calypso Hops.
Make a recipe using

  • Single base malt, your choice.
  • Calypso hops (only)
  • Yeast, your choice
  • No more than 2 specialty grains

Bring it to BrewDay to share and sample.

See you there.